Homes are Built for Living

By Liberty Homes | July 10, 2017

When meeting with purchasers of our new Liberty homes here in Saskatoon during our walkthroughs, I often mention that "homes need to be lived in". Why is that you say? Well, it's for a variety of reasons. New homes, just like older homes, need to have people in them or they become stale and lifeless places. This isn't only because the door hasn't opened to let in fresh air, or because they dry out from no introduction of moisture through showers and cooking, but because it's people that bring life to the inanimate object which is your home.

Homes are to be your refuge at the end of a long day, gathering places for our friends, venues for celebrating important events in our lives, and secure structures to protect our most precious things...our families. We at Liberty Homes encourage you to live in your house and make it a home because that's why we built it. Enjoy living!